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Are you looking to ease your body and mind off of the daily hustles that could be weighing you down? What better way to do it than with massage therapy Vernon.

Welcome To Massage Therapy

Massage therapy Vernon is the go to massage provider in the region. We have been in business for long and are experienced at providing a wide variety of massages including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, oncology massage, hot stone massage and so many others.

Having been in the industry for long we have dealt with almost every other condition that can be managed with massage therapy Vernon out there. We have handled clients with hip pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, ankle injury, gold elbow, sciatica pain, pre and post pregnancy tightness, headaches, post-surgery pain, auto accident recovery and so much more.

Non-Intrusive Massages

Massage therapy Vernon provides a natural and non- intrusive way of getting rid of pain and ensuring your body works at optimal levels. There are many massage providers in Vernon some of whom are not professionals. It is therefore imperative that you choose a professional center of wellness Vernon to receive your therapy. This should be a place that you can rely on with trained and experienced therapists.

Massage Therapy Sessions

First it is recommended that you start your search for such a wellness Vernon center online. After that you should narrow down the results to a few that you can pay a visit to. When you visit them continue narrowing down to the very best one depending on the many factors that you should have in mind when choosing a message therapy Vernon provider.

Here are a few reasons you should call us

If you are in need of massage therapy New Westminster you could be wondering why you should use our services and not the other providers. Here are some of the reasons why you should call us;

Highly trained and experienced therapists

One of the reasons why we are the best in the market is the fact that all our therapists are highly trained and experienced in what they do. We have therapists to handle specific types of massages that you may need.

For instance we have hot stone massage therapists, reflexology massage therapists, trigger point massage therapists and so many others. You can therefore always be sure that you are under the hands of professionals all the time.

State of the art facility

No one wants to get a massage in a cramped up room. We have a state of the art, multi-room massage studio where you come to get your massage. Immediately you walk into our studios your mind switches to relaxation mode. You will be well attended to an pampered that you totally forget about what could be stressing you out even before you lay on the Vernon massage bed.

We are affordable

One of the reasons many people avoid massage therapy Vernon is because of the costs involved. Many fear that the sessions will be too expensive for them and usually in most places the massage sessions are. However we provide affordable Vernon massage to our clients.

We always have specials running to cater for the different clientele that we have for instance expectant mothers, seniors, service men, members and so forth. You should therefore be on the look out to enjoy our specials.

We are also amongst the most affordable massage therapy providers in Vernon. Considering that we use professional therapists then you can always rest easy knowing you are getting value for your money.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Are you wondering what benefits you will get after visiting us for massage therapy? You are not alone because many people wonder what good it does to get professional massages Vernon. Here are some of the awesome benefits you will enjoy;

Enhances muscle relaxation and reduces pain

One of the benefits of having massage therapy Vernon is that in enhances muscles relaxation and reduces muscle pain. Massage Vernon improves circulation to the muscles which improves supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tense muscles. This in turn causes the muscles to heal faster or repair hence reduction in pain.

Massage Vernon also increases flexibility of the muscles and joints therefore making them less painful. It reduces edema and stiffness.

Can help lower blood pressure

Most people that suffer from high blood pressure do not know that massage therapy Vernon can help them maintain an optimum blood pressure. Actually long term studies that have been conducted on many patients have shown that regular massage sessions can help to regulate both systolic (high number) and diastolic (lower number) blood pressure.

Improves circulation

One of the benefits of regular massage sessions is the fact that they improve circulation in the body. The hands on pressure applied during the massage Vernon session pushes blood through clogged, congested or damaged parts of the blood vessels hence delivering nutrients and oxygen to the entire body and improving circulation.

Quick questions about massage therapy

What should I expect from my massage?

Your experience will vary depending on the type of massage that you choose. For instance;

Reflexology – In this type of massage the pressure points of the feet are leveraged to assist the body in healing and optimal performance. The pressure points available on your feet can help to access hundreds of different parts of the body.

Stone massages – These massages are meant to ease muscle stiffness and remove tension in the muscles. The therapist uses a series of hot stones and pressure on different parts of the body to enhance circulation and metabolism or provide relief around painful areas like ankles, knees and other joints.

Aromatherapy – Our massage therapy Vernon also includes aromatherapy which is use of different essential oils to bring about effects of relief and healing where the body ails. Our therapists will use a blend of essential oils that will bring the desired effects on your body to give you either relief or relaxation.

Is communication important during the massage Vernon?

Absolutely. Communication is of utter importance during the massage therapy session. There have been reports of sexual abuse happening in some of wellness Vernon centers where the masseuse touches the genitalia of the client. Under no circumstances should that happen.

There are also instances when the client feels pain during the massage because for instance the therapist applies too much pressure without their knowledge. It is imperative that the client and the therapist communicate throughout the entire session so that such incidences will not occur.

Call us today for the best massage therapy in Vernon whether for relief or just for relaxation.

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